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Learn Chinese Numerology Foundation Course

Learn the building blocks of astrology and how to read a birth chart with the founder of Astralvarsity.

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Vedic Astrology

Learn how elements amd numbers interact and represent different personalities.

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Chinese Astrology, like Indian Astrology, dates back thousands of years and is also a comprehensive system of reading the stars. In India, however, little is known about this ancient study of the stars developed by the Chinese.

Chinese Numerology Foundation Course is often used alongside Feng Shui, and has become popular around the world in the last few decades. It considers or assigns stars, numbers and elements to ascertain effects in people’s characteristics and lives.

In Astralvarsity, we have several Chinese Numerology Foundation Course experts who will throw much light on the basic concepts and philosophies that the discpline is based on.


To enable the student to better, understand Chinese Numerology Foundation Course. To also give suggestions and remedies and to guide them on the basis of their 9 Star Ki horoscope so that they can reap the best in their lives.

  • The course makes it easy to gain an understanding of Chinese Numerology Foundation Course astrology as it includes many real life case studies and other practical aspects, and it is trained by experts with a hands-on experience in the field.
  • It will help you become an expert in Chinese horoscope reading and you can use this ability to help yourself and others on several matters.


The programme is divided into sections, chapters and lessons. Each section has a number of chapters and each chapter has a number of lessons. A student needs to complete lessons one by one followed by taking and passing the test after each chapter. After completing and passing all tests, a final exam needs to be taken which is of the objective type nature.

On successfully passing the examination a student gets a Certificate. The course is designed in a very student-friendly manner where each concept is explained by the trainer in detail. Notes in pdf format can be downloaded for reference.

  • 01Acknowledgement
  • 02Course Overview
  • 03Scope of Chinese Numerology
  • 04Where you will be after the course
  • 05Universality of Chinese Numerology
  • 07The Three Lucks
  • 08Heaven's Luck
  • 09Human's Luck
  • 10The Yin-Yang Principle
  • 11The 5 elements
  • 12Element Water
  • 13Element Wood
  • 14Element Fire
  • 15Element Earth
  • 16Element Metal
  • 17Constructive Cycle of Elements
  • 18Destructive Cycle of Elements
  • 19Identification of Personality
  • 20The Formula for Calculation
  • 211 Water Personality
  • 222 Earth Personality
  • 233 Thunder Personality
  • 244 Wind Personality
  • 255 Tai Chi Personality
  • 266 Heaven Personality
  • 277 Lake Personality
  • 288 Mounatin Personality
  • 299 Fire Personality
  • 30Character Number Calculation
  • 311 Water Character Personality
  • 322 Earth Character Personality
  • 333 Thunder Character Personality
  • 344 Wind Character Personality
  • 355 Tai CHi Character Personality
  • 366 Heaven Character Personality
  • 377 Lake Character Personality
  • 388 Mountain Character Personality
  • 399 Fire Character Personality
  • 40 Energetic Number Calculation
  • 41Energetic Personalities 1.1.5
  • 42Energetic Personalities 1.2.4
  • 43Energetic Personalities 1.3.3
  • 44Energetic Personalities 1.4.2
  • 45Energetic Personalities 1.5.1
  • 46Energetic Personalities 1.7.8
  • 47Energetic Personalities 1.8.7
  • 48Energetic Personalities 1.9.6
  • 49Energetic Personalities 2.1.6
  • 50Energetic Personalities 2.2.5
  • 51Energetic Personalities 2.3.4
  • 52Energetic Personalities 2.4.3
  • 53Energetic Personalities 2.5.2
  • 54Energetic Personalities 2.6.1
  • 55Energetic Personalities 2.7.9
  • 56 Energetic Personalities 2.8.8
  • 57 Energetic Personalities 2.9.7
  • 58Energetic Personalities 3.1.7
  • 59Energetic Personalities 3.2.6
  • 60Energetic Personalities 3.3.5
  • 61Energetic Personalities 3.4.4
  • 62Energetic Personalities 3.5.3
  • 63Energetic Personalities 3.6.2
  • 64Energetic Personalities 3.7.1
  • 65Energetic Personalities 3.8.9
  • 66Energetic Personalities 3.9.8
  • 67Energetic Personalities 4.1.8
  • 68Energetic Personalities 4.2.7
  • 69Energetic Personalities 4.3.6
  • 70Energetic Personalities 4.4.5
  • 71Energetic Personalities 4.5.4
  • 72Energetic Personalities 4.6.3
  • 73Energetic Personalities 4.7.2
  • 74Energetic Personalities 4.8.1
  • 75Energetic Personalities 4.9.9
  • 76Energetic Personalities 5.1.9
  • 77Energetic Personalities 5.2.8
  • 78Energetic Personalities 5.3.7
  • 79Energetic Personalities 5.4.6
  • 80Energetic Personalities 5.5.5
  • 81Energetic Personalities 5.6.4
  • 82Energetic Personalities 5.7.3
  • 83Energetic Personalities 5.8.2
  • 84Energetic Personalities 5.9.1
  • 85Energetic Personalities 6.1.1
  • 86Energetic Personalities 6.2.9
  • 87Energetic Personalities 6.3.8
  • 88Energetic Personalities 6.4.7
  • 89Energetic Personalities 6.5.6
  • 90Energetic Personalities 6.6.5
  • 91Energetic Personalities 6.7.4
  • 92Energetic Personalities 6.8.3
  • 93Energetic Personalities 6.9.2
  • 94Energetic Personalities 7.1.2
  • 95Energetic Personalities 7.2.1
  • 96Energetic Personalities 7.3.9
  • 97Energetic Personalities 7.4.8
  • 98Energetic Personalities 7.5.7
  • 99Energetic Personalities 7.6.6
  • 100Energetic Personalities 7.7.5
  • 101Energetic Personalities 7.8.4
  • 102Energetic Personalities 7.9.3
  • 103Energetic Personalities 8.1.3
  • 104Energetic Personalities 8.2.2
  • 105Energetic Personalities 8.3.1
  • 106Energetic Personalities 8.4.9
  • 107Energetic Personalities 8.5.8
  • 108Energetic Personalities 8.6.7
  • 109Energetic Personalities 8.7.6
  • 110Energetic Personalities 8.8.5
  • 111Energetic Personalities 8.9.4
  • 112Energetic Personalities 9.1.4
  • 113Energetic Personalities 9.2.3
  • 114Energetic Personalities 9.3.2
  • 115Energetic Personalities 9.4.1
  • 116Energetic Personalities 9.5.9
  • 117Energetic Personalities 9.6.8
  • 118Energetic Personalities 9.7.7
  • 119Energetic Personalities 9.8.6
  • 120Energetic Personalities 9.9.5
  • 121What is Annual Forecast
  • 122Formula
  • 123Lo-Shu grid
  • 124Number Movements
  • 125Calculating for years
  • 126House of 1
  • 127House of 2
  • 128House of 3
  • 129House of 4
  • 130House of 5
  • 131House of 6
  • 132House of 7
  • 133House of 8
  • 134House of 9
  • 135What is Monthly Forecast
  • 136Formula
  • 137Calculating for Months
  • 138Monthly Forecast Predictions
  • 139Monthly Forecast House of 1
  • 140Monthly Forecast House of 2
  • 141Monthly Forecast House of 3
  • 142Monthly Forecast House of 4
  • 143Monthly Forecast House of 5
  • 144Monthly Forecast House of 6
  • 145Monthly Forecast House of 7
  • 146Monthly Forecast House of 8
  • 147Monthly Forecast House of 9
  • 148Application of Personality & Character
  • 149Case Study 1 - Formula
  • 150Case Study 1 - Prediction
  • 151Case Study 1 - Download
  • 152Case Study 2 Pdf Download
  • 153Case Study 3 Pdf Download

Course Curriculum

Curriculum For This Course

  • Gaurav Agarwal

    The Trainers at the Astralvarsity are naturally very insightful, intuitive, and caring which made a warm atmosphere for me to learn Chinese Numerology. I am now feeling blessed to learn Chinese Numerology at Astralvarsity.

  • Arindam Das

    Chinese Numerology is a system of prediction that helps relating to the universal energies. Astralvarsity online training courses are based upon their own studies and experiences. I will strongly recommend other students to join this astrology institute in India.

  • Vishnu Ruthnum

    Feng Shui is concerned with the energy of form;Chinese Numerology is concerned with the energy of time - through daily, monthly and yearly. I had desire to learn Chinese Numerology and now, it is fulfilled with the Astralvarsity. I joined institute and guidance from the trainers was excellent.

  • Anubha Yadav

    My friend suggested joining Astralvarsity to learn Chinese Numerology. Chinese Numerologywas my dream to learn and thus I joined Astralvarsity. I am so excited after learning Chinese Numerology. Will strongly recommend my friends to learn astrology online.

  • Maya Raghavan

    Chinese Numerology has its origins in China, coming from the 4000 year old Book of Changes, known as the I Ching. Chinese Numerology is a simple yet profound system, which helps us to understand ourselves and our relationships with others by getting in touch with our inherent potential. I joined Astralvarsity and found great videos to learn Chinese Numerology. I would like to share with you that in quick time, I was able to learn Chinese Numerology from Astralvarsity course material.

  • Amruta Deshpande

    According to my friend recommendation, I joined Astralvarsity and learned Chinese Numerology. Chinese Numerologyunderpins Feng Shui and as such is rooted in the natural environment. I am so pleased after learning Chinese Numerologyin a simple way online. Astralvarsity offered me descriptive yet simple videos to learn astrology. Cheers!!!

  • Mohit Bakshi

    I am from Ahmedabad and want to state that study materials provided by Astralvarsity were rich in audio and video which made the Chinese Numerology course a fun to learn. The guidance offered by the trainers was noteworthy. Will strongly recommend and will learn other things later from the Astralvarsity.

  • Rahul Burman

    In my opinion, Astralvarsity is India’s leading online astrology course provider institute. I will strongly recommend others to join this institute if they want to learn Chinese Numerology. They offered me videos to watch and learn astrology in quick time.

  • Deepak Chowdhury

    I joined Astralvarsity and enrolled for Chinese Numerology system based on the ancient knowledge of the Chinese and Japanese civilizations. The experience was superb and I am so glad to have knowledge of Chinese Numerology system. I have nothing to compare Astralvarsity with yet feel very confident and secure with the course material presented and layout of the videos.

  • Akash Malviya

    After learning Chinese Numerologyfrom Astralvarsity, I e to know that using Chinese Numerology, we are also able to find out a tremendous amount about ourselves and others.From my side, this institute is highly recommended to learn Chinese Numerology.