Vastu Shastra

Learn Vastu Foundation Course

Learn home and office orientation, Vastu beliefs and scientific background, remedial Vastu tactics, power of pyramids and Feng Shui and many other factors.

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Vastu Shastra

Understand correlation between elements, forces and directions. Create congenial and beneficial spaces.

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Ever since man looked up at the stars, a desire was born in him to find patterns and meanings in the night sky. Over thousands of years, different astrological disciplines formed in different parts of the world. Vedic Astrology, also called Indian astrology, is the most elaborate astrology system in the world, and is credited in influencing cultural histories around the world.

This compendium of knowledge has survived through centuries, right up to the present day. At Astralvarsity, we take the study of the stars very seriously and our course content is designed in a very orderly and coherent manner. We offer video lessons conducted by astrology experts, who after years of theoretical and experiential understanding, are the pre-eminent minds in Indian astrology. We are using the most modern communication medium to spread the most ancient of knowledge systems. If you are interested in knowing what the sky is telling us, do enroll yourself for our course.


To enable the student to better understand the harmony between man, architecture and nature, as well as the invisible laws that affect a person’s health, wealth, thoughts, feelings and experiences when residing at or visiting certain places.

  • Professionals like architects, engineers and interior designers can use learning from this course in their respective professions.
  • One can master this discipline as a profession in the form of a consulting service.


The programme is divided into sections, chapters and lessons. Each section has a number of chapters and each chapter has a number of lessons. A student needs to complete lessons one by one followed by taking and passing the test after each chapter. After completing and passing all tests, a final exam needs to be taken which is of the objective type nature. On successfully passing the examination a student gets a Certificate. The course is designed in a very student-friendly manner where each concept is explained by the trainer in detail. Notes in pdf format can be downloaded for reference.

  • 01Acknowledgement
  • 02Course Overview
  • 03Where you will be after the course
  • 04What is Vastu
  • 05Scope of Vastu
  • 06Development of Vastu
  • 07Story of Vastu Purush
  • 1Test 1
  • 08Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 1
  • 09Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 2
  • 10Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 3
  • 11Scientific Basis of Vastu - Part 4
  • 2Test 2
  • 12Veda & Up_veda
  • 13Rig Veda
  • 14Ayurveda
  • 15Yajurveda
  • 16Dhanurveda
  • 17Samveda
  • 18Gandharvaveda
  • 19Atharvaveda
  • 20Sthapatya Veda
  • 3Test 3
  • 21VastuKala (The Art of Vastu)
  • 22Chitrakala (The Art of Drawing)
  • 23Murtikala (The Art of Sculpture Making)
  • 24Prasaad - Part 1 (Vastu of Palaces)
  • 25Prasaad - Part 2 (Vastu of Temples)
  • 26Yana Shayana (Travel & Interior Design)
  • 4Test 4
  • 27Types of Architects
  • 28The Sthapati
  • 29The Sutragrahi
  • 30The Vardhaki
  • 31The Takshak
  • 5Test 5
  • 325 Elements
  • 33Prithvi (Element Earth)
  • 34Vayu (Element Wind)
  • 35Akash (Element Sky)
  • 36Jal (Element Water)
  • 37Agni (Element Fire)
  • 6Test 6
  • 38Cardinal & Sub-Cardinal Directions
  • 39Direction North
  • 40Direction North-East
  • 41Direction East
  • 42Direction South-East
  • 43Direction South
  • 44Direction South-West
  • 45Direction West
  • 46Direction North-West
  • 47Direction Akash (Sky)
  • 48Direction Paatal (Earth)
  • 7Test 7
  • 49The Conical Method (Traditional System)
  • 50Locating Directions using Compass
  • 51Locating Directions using Compass 2
  • 8Test 8
  • 52Drawing Zone Plan - Case Study 1
  • 53Drawing Zone Plan - Case Study 2
  • 54Drawing Zone Plan - Case Study 3
  • 55Zone Tracing Sheet
  • 56Zone Tracing Sheet (Pdf)
  • 9Test 9
  • 57Land Based on Natural Environment - Part 1
  • 58Land Based on Natural Environment - Part 2
  • 59Land Based on Natural Environment - Part 3
  • 60Land Based on Slope - Part 1
  • 61Land Based on Slope - Part 2
  • 62Land Based on Slope - Part 3
  • 63Land Based on Strata
  • 64Land Based on Fertilization
  • 10Test 10
  • 65Road in North
  • 66Road in East
  • 67Road in South
  • 68Road in West
  • 69Road in 2 Direction - East and North
  • 70Road in 2 Direction - South and West
  • 71Road in 2 Direction - West and North
  • 72Road in 2 Direction - North and South
  • 73Road in 2 Direction - East and West
  • 74Road in 3 Direction - North, East and South
  • 75Road in 3 Direction - East, South and West
  • 76Road in 3 Direction - South, West and North
  • 77Road in 3 Direction - West, North and East
  • 78Road in All Directions
  • 79T-Junction of Roads
  • 11Test 11
  • 80Shape of Land - Part 1
  • 81Shape of Land - Part 2
  • 82Shape of Land - Part 3
  • 83Shape of Land - Part 4
  • 84Shape of Land - Part 5
  • 85Shape of Land - Part 6
  • 12Test 12
  • 86Soil Testing - Density Test
  • 87Soil Testing - Moisture Test
  • 88Soil Testing - Colour Radiation Test
  • 89Soil Testing - Fertility Test
  • 90Soil Testing - Radiation Test
  • 91Soil Testing - Wind Test
  • 13Test 13
  • 92Mountain
  • 93Open Space
  • 94Trees
  • 95Temples
  • 96Water Body
  • 97Public Place
  • 98Bridge Subways
  • 99Poles
  • 100Large Plots
  • 101Big Buildings
  • 102Animals Around Plot
  • 103Classification of Land
  • 104Classification Of Building
  • 14Test 14
  • 105Building in Plot
  • 106Compound Wall Placement
  • 107Well & Borewell Placement
  • 108Well Borewell In Various Direction
  • 109Underground Tank
  • 110Septic Tank
  • 111Rain Water Exit
  • 112Vehicle Parking
  • 113Pit
  • 114Plot Acquisition
  • 115Slope
  • 15Test 15
  • 116Before Starting Constructions
  • 117The Construction Process
  • 118Bedroom Position
  • 119Master Bedroom
  • 120Children Bedroom & Study
  • 121Drawing Room
  • 122Guest Bedroom
  • 123Puja (Prayer) Room
  • 124Servant Room
  • 125Sleeping Position
  • 126Toilets
  • 127Basement
  • 128 Tips for Placement in Bedroom
  • 16Test 16
  • 129Placement of Kitchen
  • 130Kitchen Away from Building
  • 131Effects of Kitchen in Various Directions
  • 132Dining Room
  • 133Store Room
  • 134Staircase
  • 135Circular Staircase
  • 136Overhead Tank
  • 137Overhead Tank in Various Directions
  • 17Test 17
  • 138Brahmsthan - Its Importance
  • 139Care to be taken in Placement of Brahmsthann
  • 18Test 18
  • 140The Various Door Entries
  • 141Auspicious Door Entries in North Direction
  • 142Auspicious Door Entries in East Direction
  • 143Auspicious Door Entries in South Direction
  • 144Auspicious Door Entries in West Direction
  • 145Main Door Characteristics
  • 146The Second Formula of Door Entries
  • 147Door Characteristics
  • 148Blockages in Door
  • 149Door Placement in Square Plot
  • 150Door Placement in Rectangle Plot
  • 151Door Tracing Sheet (Download)
  • 152Door Tracing Sheet (Pdf Format)
  • 19Test 19
  • 153Ideal Layout - North Facing Plot
  • 154Ideal Layout - East Facing Plot
  • 155Ideal Layout - South Facing Plot
  • 156Ideal Layout - West Facing Plot
  • 157Drawing Zonr Plan - Case Study
  • 20Test 20

Course Curriculum

Curriculum For This Course

  • Himanshu Gupta

    Online course material of Vastu Shastra at Astralvarsity was designed very well with a goal to make it easier for students to understand. They offered good and quality content with case studies at real life locations. Fee for course is also reasonable. Great learning at affordable cost. Cheers!!!

  • Gaurav Shrivastava

    The trainers at Astralvarsity are really very passionate about imparting training. I enrolled for Vastu Shastra course and I want to state that their videos to learn Vastu was superb. I really appreciate the training offered at Astralvarsity. The trainers have sound background about the course. The study materials were also nicely structured and easy to interpret.

  • Priyanka Dubey

    I am from Mumbai and want to state that Video course and study materials provided by Astralvarsity were rich in audio and video which made the Vastu Shastra course a fun to learn. The guidance offered by the trainers was noteworthy. Will strongly recommend and will learn other things later from the same institute.

  • Pankaj Mishra

    I feel very grateful for being able to enroll with Astralvarsity. Every Vastu lesson was simple to learn and understand. I love this course and enjoyed the teachings very much. ThanksAstralvarsity team.

  • Geetanjali Verma

    I am from Patna and I would like to thank all the trainers of Astralvarsity for providing me such a wonderful opportunity to learn Indian Vastu, the subject I am enthusiast about. Great support and wonderful videos that I got from the website. Will join again for other courses.

  • Jayesh Pandey

    The trainers of Astralvarsity have made the complex subject like Vastu Shastra so explanatory to understand and learn. I learnt Vastu for home and business both. Million times thank to all the trainers. I learned more than expected here, the Astralvarsity is strongly recommended from my side.

  • Nishat Katiyar

    The level of depth, insight, and nuance into every topic was great. So many things resonated on such a deep, intuitive, and spiritual level by the Astralvarsity team. Will strongly recommend this institute to learn Indian Vastu for home and business.

  • Nilesh Yadav

    I have seen Vastuvideos multiple times over and over again since I became astrology expert. I am now expert in vastu Shastra I have become so much wiser about myself and my relationship with the world after only this course. If you're looking for understanding on the unfolding your life, your personality, your reasons for being here, there is simply no better wait to gain more insight than a Video Course at Astralvarsity.

  • Shaksi Patel

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