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Answer – Click on Sign in Option shown in home page and then at the below side, you will get Create a new Account option, just click it and fill your details. In this way you will be a registered member of Astralvarsity. For joining, you can use your email address or through Google Plus, Facebook or LinkedIn.
Answer – No, it’s totally FREE and after joining us, you have FREE access to 6 video lessons.
After Joining Astralvarsity, First 6 Videos Lessons will be given to you Free and if you want to learn Indian Astrology in deep, you can join us for Vedic Astrology for US$180, Vastu Shastra for US$180 and Chinese Numerology for US$180. All courses will contain videos and PDF so that you get advanced and easy to learn study material
Answer–After joining our paid membership, you will get 1 Year access of videos and PDF’s. So, you need not worry for its access. We value your efforts.
Answer –After joining Astralvarsity, you have benefits such as you can access videos and PDF 24*7, No need to travel, advanced and professional tips by experienced astrologers etc.
Answer–Yes. You can email your questions (related to course ONLY) at

Astrology FAQ

Answer – YES, off course. Astralvarsity offers exhaustive videos courses so that a student can learn Indian astrology / vedic astrology quite comfortably from his/ her home. If you want to become a professional astrologer, you can do by joining Astralvarsity. It provides complete online training in Vedic Indian Astrology.
Answer - Scope of astrology is huge. If someone wants to learn Indian astrology, he / she can join Astralvarsity and learn the course. Nowadays, most of the people consult Astrologers for various guidance related to career, study, marriage, profession, horoscope matching, sound health, growth, prosperity, luck and many such aspects. Good Astrologers were in great demand in the past and are in good demand now and will be in good demand in future. So Astrology has vast scope provided your knowledge is sound.
Answer – To start as a career as a professional astrologer the first thing is you need to have sound knowledge of the subject. An astrologer starts his journey by predicting about his/ her friends, colleagues and family etc. By doing so for some time, people can trust on him and then word-of-mouth spreads about his / her predictions. Every Indian household usually has atleast 4 members in house and many relatives and friends whom they care about. Once, one prediction goes accurate about one client then he / she will refer to many other friends and relatives. They would also like to consult about their family members too. So, good Astrologers grow just by their knowledge. In few years, they have 1000s of followers who consult on a regular basis about one or the other aspects of their life.
Answer–Astrology is said to be eyes of “The Veda (the ancient Hindu scriptures)”. It shows future so Astrology is the ideal tool that can show a path to the future. It is very accurate and that is why there are millions of people who believe in it and follow.
Answer –All the ancient civilisations like the Aryan, the Chinese, the Greeks, the Egyptian, etc all take Moon as basis of their Astrological calculation. Their ephemeris (Calender) is based on Moon. The logic behind this is Moon is closest to Earth and it affects our Mind. So, based on this logic, almost all ancient civilization has taken Moon as basis for their calculation. Thus, Moon sign is the sign in which Moon is present at the time of birth of a person. This is very accurate as Moon stays in one sign for approx. 2-1/4 days, so the zodiac sign of people changes after every 2-1/4 days. In Western System, Sun Sign is taken. They believe that Sun is the center of the planets so it Sun sign affects most. In this system, as Sun stays in one sign for approximate 1 month so the Sun sign changes after every month. So in this system all people who are born during a month will have same Sun signs. Though this knowledge has a good base for predictions but it cannot match the accuracy and minuteness that Moon sign system has to offer.
Answer - Astrology is the study of the relationship between the placement of planets (Graha) at the time of someone’s birth and that individual. It has two parts, mathematics and predictions. Mathematics is used to make horoscope, calculating planetary positions and making of ephemeris. For Mathematics part, many softwares, applications and tools are available (many of them are free) which saves a lot of time and energy. Predictions are done by Astrologers based on the horoscope and planetary positions. As there are 1000s of combinations and it is very subjective so it can be done individually and no software, application or tool can replace. Here, Astrology nowadays mainly focuses on this aspect.
Answer: Your horoscopes offer only a glimpse of what’s in store for you in the future. So, is better that you take idea from your horoscope and do the needful. To judge accuracy of information of your horoscope many Astrologers predict many aspects of your nature and events from your past life. If an Astrologer is able to predict about you and your life events on the first meeting through this document (your horoscope) then it makes sense that he / she will also be able to read and predict your future. Relying on this makes sense and can be followed for betterment.
Answer –JanamKundali or Patrika, known as ‘horoscope’ in English represents astrological chart or diagram of a person that represents positions of planetary position at the time of birth of individual. This is the basis of reading various life aspects of a person.
Answer –After completing the foundation course in Vastu Shastra, you will be able to select good land as per VastuShatra, you will also be able to do soil testing, you will be able to plan various placements in plots and houses, you will be able to identify the faults in properties. This is what a good Vastu Consultant is expected to do.

Chinese Astro-Numerology FAQ

Answer –Chinese Astro-Numerology is a popular system of normally used with Feng Shui.This system is based on the ancient knowledge of the Chinese and Japanese civilizations. It provides insights into personality aspects of people – their nature, behaviour, character, driving force, etc. it also talks about theirannual and monthly forecast.
Answer –Not at all. Chinese Astro-Numerology, we believe, is the easiest system available. It is quite accurate in predictions and effective too. One can learn this system very easily as there is not much technicality or mathematics involved. It is based on five elements which forms the basis of human existence so it relates to each individual.
Answer –After completing the foundation course in Chinese Astro-Numerology, you will be able to find out the corresponding element of each individual, you will be able to predict about the nature and behavior patters of the individual, you will be able to predict their inner character aspects and also on how people see or perceive them. In this course, you will also predict on yearly and monthly forecast of each individual.
Answer –Chinese Astro-Numerology is probably the easiest system to learn and that too in very less time. After learning this course thoroughly you can help people with knowing themselves better. You can help them to know their characteristics features and what they are good at. Suggesting future course of action based on annual and monthly forecast will also add to your consultation.
Answer –No. Course is taught in very simple English and you can master it by following our Video lessons and by downloading the notes associated with it.
Answer –Yes, of course. After completing the course and passing the tests will itself prove that you have good knowledge of the subject. You can start applying your knowledge to people. The more consultation you do of people, the more experience you gain.
Answer –the course is devised in a very simple way. We have taught the course in Videos. The Videos cover every aspect of the course and is been made by Mr. Aashish Patidar who has been practicing this knowledge since 20 years. We have taken 5 real life case studies which you can see and learn how to apply your knowledge in reality.
Answer –Knowledge has no boundaries. The system that is taught in this course has been used by us for consulting more than 3000 people in India. It has been very effective and accurate. Based on our experience, it can be applied to any part of world as it is based on a profound knowledge.
Answer –The course is made for beginners. There is no prior knowledge required to learn this course. We have made the course right from the basics.

Vastu Shastra FAQ

Answer –Vastu Shastra is a system of living in coordination with the environment. The place where you reside and the place where you work have a great impact on you. If you can align the place based on the natural energies (of Sun, Moon, Earth, etc) then you can make your life more comfortable and happy. Vastu Shastra describes various rules for Constructing and placement in house. If these rules are followed then life would be more comfortable and peaceful.
Answer –Vastu covers vast knowledgefrom land selection, soil testing, construction, placement, interiors, cures to everything that aligns you with your immediate environment (your residence and work place). If you follow these rules, life would be comfortable.
Answer –After completing the foundation course in Vastu Shastra, you will be able to understand the scientific basis of Vastu. You will be able to select good properties and lands. You will be able to align the construction of properties with proper placements of doors, gate, bedrooms, kitchen, dining, borewell, and all components in a house as per Vastu principles. You will also learn to find the faults generated due to improper Vastu.
Answer – No, Vaastu Shastra is applicable all over the World as it is based on the Universal laws like the effect of solar radiations, the effect of magnetic flux of Earth, the rotation and revolution of Earth, etc. As it is mainly based on Earth and Sun so it is applicable anywhere in the Earth irrespective of the country. It is ONLY originated in India but have universal applications. Vastu Shastra infact is applied in almost all countries of the world.
Answer –No. you do not require to be an expert in drawing to learn Vastu Shastra.
Answer –The course is made for beginners. There is no prior knowledge required to learn this course. We have made the course right from the basics.